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October, 10th 2000


Shizuka Kudo "?" "2000.11.8","EXTASY JAPAN","EJCJ-80001",Yen 1260
1.?, Lyrics by Tomomi Tachibana, Music & Arranged by YOSHIKI
2.?, Lyrics by Aeri , Music by Kazunori Fujimoto , Arranged by Taisuke Sawachika
3.PRAY, Lyrics by Aeri , Music by Naoshi Tsuda, Arranged by Kazunori Fujimoto

Here's furthur info on the NEW hide dvd/video
Hide / ALIVEST perfect stage [1,000,000 cuts hide! hide! hide!] UUBH-1004 (DVD) 6300yen 12/13/00 video: UUVH-1001 VHS NTSC same price & release date. This film is edited from the movie that was shown May 2nd 2000 in Yokosuka, it shows only the Hide footage. Contains 30 tracks he preformed including Celebration, Pose, Bacteria, Tell Me ect.; 180 minutes, first press with sticker /region 2

X Japan: Vanishing Vision (REMASTER) XXC-1001 3059 yen released 9/13/00

September, 25th 2000


hide: Ugly Pink Machine File 1 (UUBH-1001) DVD 10/18/00 (5040 yen)
hide: Ugly Pink Machine File 2 (UUBH-1002) DVD 10/18/00
Part 1 Live concert footage (143 min.)
Part 2 More Live footage but also backstage footage/hidden/unpublished footage (107 min.) with bonus sticker in both.
Original versions released on video in 1997
file 1: (MVVD-14) VHS 6116yen / file 2: (MVVD-16) VHS 6116 yen.

August, 22nd 2000

The September issue of SHOXX features hide....

August, 14th 2000

Yoshiki is going full throttle with a bunch of new projects, here is the latest on X Japan's beloved leader and what he will be entertaining us with soon.....

Violet UK: Actuallity, Yoshiki has been working on this project even before X Japan broke up as a side/future project, and it IS coming to life now that he has found new found strength to stop being sad over X and hide and to start writing songs for himself again.
From what Yoshiki says, there are 60 new songs written (From the time the project begun some years ago) and that they are sung by different singers and performed by different musicians, more like an rock orchestra than a set band. So far the music that has been released in excerpts have been noticed to sound a lot like X (Dahlia years) (this makes sense, Yoshiki is always classical and metal, and that his song writting style will not change with this new band (maybe not quite as heavy as the early years, more like the later in terms) and says that is what people expect this of his talent, the perfect blend of heavy and pretty) A song called "Without You" a new dedication to Hide, has been noted to sound like an X ballad without Toshi on vox.
The thing that is interesting is that when Violet UK tours, it will be a tour almost like an rock opera (in the vein of Malice Mizer) with acting and themes...
But even more interesting is that Yoshiki says that he has picked different singers to convey his mood for each song, depending on which people he thinks will fit the mood of the song, .....Surprisingly so far he has only used female singers and that Yoshiki says he wants to do this because of a new found enthusiasm in female voices for now (also I think he wants to avoid the complications he would have of trying to make a future Toshi or a solid super-band that can possibly break up unexpectedly like X)
In my opinion, This will all be a good thing. It offers a bunch of variety, yet Yoshiki's distinctive sound. All songs are supposed to be in English, and there is a worldwide release planned under Warner Bros....I'm sure we will all be happy because we all have loved Yoshiki's music. I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited.... ^_^

Also Yoshiki is acting and making a soundtrack for the new drama he is starring in called Bus Stop.

Yoshiki has announced his new Extasy Revolution line up of bands that he will be producing and writting for (like in previous years Glay/Shoko Kitano/Dir En Grey) They are made up both Japanese and American bands...
List of new bands under Yoshiki's wing that he has discovered in the 2 countries and has signed on his Extasy record label: Aka, Shiro, Beast, Velvetblue, Pick2hand, Revenus, Dahlia (yes, that's right...^_^), Laura Dawn and Subbionic
I have heard Shiro (she has a beautiful voice--and her debut single is awesome) and Beast (a guy visual band who sounds a lot like Dragon Ash) and Yoshiki helped both of them in the fine tuning and arrangment of the songs, both of these new artists sound great, so Yoshiki has done it again...

Yoshiki is also re-releaseing the following classic Extasy cd's (the debut cd for all of these now highly revered bands) digitally remastered:
1. X Japan: Vanishing Vision (debut cd)
2. Glay: Gray and Diamond (debut cd)
3. Luna Sea: Luna Sea (debut cd)

The year 2000 marks the return of our beloved Yoshiki....


August, 3rd 2000

You can watch the 7-11 comercial with Yoshiki in it on
<Sorry, the site is removed -_- >

June, 30th 2000

I saw the interview with Yoshiki in his house in LA. He said that he didn't want to play or take an active part during the last 2 years, but he will do something active this year instead of hide. In an other interview he said that he has some plans to do something this year, but he didn't tell more about it...

June 20 - The Album History of Extasys 15th Anniversary has been released.

June 21 - The August issue of the Japanese Magazine SHOXX features a report about Yoshiki.

On Midoris page there is an English translation of this interview! ^_^

He appears also in Pop Music Artist Index.

July 3 - Yoshiki will appear as an actor only one time in a drama which will start from July. Yoshiki produced a song for Shiro which will be in this drama. It is broadcasted on Monday, 9 pm on Fuji TV channel.

July 4 - The magazine Nikkei entertainment will be published. It features YOSHIKI.

July 8 - This is the day when only ten thousand people can be register an Please check the Extasy site.
Yoshiki said:
"I'd like to deliver musics thorough the net in future though some problems such as sound quality should be solved."
Membership fee is 18000 yen per one year.

Thanks to Mariko for this information.

June, 30th - Toshi releases a new album called Innochi.

June, 11th 2000

There's a new offical page of hide with information about the hide museum and more. It's all in Japanese, so I can't say much about the contents.... :-(

Yoshiki is having a special party/concert with Extasy Records called: Yoshiki presents: Part one sound revolution ~ arrival of Extasy Japan.
It is a limited engagement that will showcase his new Visual Rock discoveries as well as I believe his new band Violet UK. It happens June 20th in Tokyo and I am sure many press releases of new stuff will be announced shortly....
More info on Extasy Records (unfortunately only in Japanese)
On that page you'll find a personal invitation for that event by Yoshiki: "Rather than keeping silence, decide to make future as revolution. June 20th. 2000 Please come over to look at my artists."

June, 7th 2000

Yoshiki is currently starring in a new 711 commerical (that is nothing like what it's advertising for) where he is in a Lamborgini & a Helicopter doing cool stuff and he is playing with his NEW band Violet UK (in the commerical) and their first album is due out this fall with a worldwide release in Japan, America and Europe!!!! ^_^
Also there was a release of his performance at Emperors Anniversary......

Yoshiki has also released the first EXTASY (his own record company) memorial cd entitled:History of Extasy 15th Anniversary, it contains previously released rematered versions of INDIES tunes by X Japan, Glay, Luna Sea, and other bands he has helped get their start.

First X Japan DVD release: X Clips.The Sony best of compilation has been released for REGION 2 dvd's only.

new band Dope Headz want to relase their album this fall...

This summer in Tokyo, there will be the grand opening of the new hide Museum, commemorating his tragic story. There will also be a lot of new hide merchandise, including action figures, plush, cell-phone straps etc.
There's an online store which sells some stuff...


There's a book written by Taiji about X Japan. It comes with the single of Jungle, performed by Taiji and hide. The title is X no sei to shi (Life and death of X) - ISBN 4-19-861174-2 - 2000 Yen.

April, 26th 2000

Hide's band Zilch appears on the newHeavy Metal 2000 soundtrack, it features the song Inside The Pervert Mound.

April, 23th 2000

Heath, Pata and INA formed a new band called Dope Headz.

Yoshiki will play drum in a live event which will be held in LA next week. It will be on TV in the US.

Thanks to Mariko for this information.

April, 17th 2000

The Royal family holds every year a garden party in spring. This year Yoshiki has been invited and he accepted the proposal.
The party will be held at April, 27th.

Thanks to Mariko for this piece of information.

Yoshiki agreed to give a TV interview which will be broadcasted on Asashi TV.

Januray, 10 2000

There will be a new hide Best album! Release date is March, 2nd:
Hide Best: Psychommunity
Universal Victor - MVCH-29044

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