News Archive 1999


November, 29th 1999

Yoshiki wrote a song for a festival to celebrate 10th anniversary of Emperor's enthronement. It was held on November 12th and also broadcasted on TV. He played the piano with an orchestra on the day.

September, 29th 1999

Yoshiki produces Ms. Shizuka Kudo (she was his girlfriend).Release date unknown

There's a X Japan videogame for Sega Saturn. It's not new, but I thought that it is maybe interesting for you...
More info at (unfortunately only in Japanese)


September, 20th 1999

New hide Release:
A Story 1998 (Hide Last Works) Video/DVD documentary/
release date 12/8/99 (December) Catalog #: Universal Victor MVVH-14(VHS), MVBH-1(DVD)


Yoshiki produced the new Dir en grey album Gauze. (released 7/28/99)

Pata released a live album with his band P.A.F. (7/23/99)

hides solo work was released in a special edition.

There is a new Chinese release of Yoshikis' Eternal Melody.

September, 5th 1999

Today it's Chris birthday, so

Happy Birthday Chris!