Yoshikis Message

Here's a translation of Yoshiki's message when his interview was held at
Tsukiji-Honganji at 6:00pm on May 4th (Japan Time) translation by Yoko?

"Now, I'm very shocked because I heard his sudden death. I still can't believe it. He is sleeping with a very beautiful face. I tried to wake him up again and again, though he is still sleeping. 

Hide was the calmest person in our band. It was also Hide who always gave calm and accurate advice to me, who were short-tempered and acted impulsively, even though I was a leader. Of course, he sometimes lost his way when he was in various pressures. However, he always called me in such a case. We talked everything; such as about our band, music, friends, life, fans. 

Sometimes, he was like my elder brother, and sometimes like a younger brother. Sometimes, we drank and fought, but he always said, like, "Yoshiki, what did I do yesterday? Sorry, I don't remember anything" the next day. However, he went to sleep without saying anything. All his fans, and all his friends, I think everyone is confused now. I cannot express myself how sad I am, but we have to accept the fact firmly because we cannot change anything. Please see him off to the heaven warmly."

(X Japan's Leader, Yoshiki)